Alumini Memberships

1.U are become a Alumini member of Shevaroys College Of Catering And Hotel Management .
2. Every Members will be get a ID card on the day of Event .

Alumini Meet

1. On Saturday will be the Alumini meet as well as Silver Jubilee celebration. Starts from 3pm .
2. The Function will be covers by , Honoring Managing Director / Group Director/ Current n Ex principals / Current N Ex Lectures .
3. All the registers members will be get a Alumini logo T shirts n Memento .
4. The Function fallowed by a fellowships and Grand Gala Dinner
5. The members can avail a 50 % Discounts in Room Booking each category of Room .
6. The Alumini meet conducting for the Alumini Members Only . If want take the family the below charges will be applicable
a) For The Adult Rs.600 Per Head ( Must be life partner )
b) Kidd’s Rs.300 Per head ( Between 6 to 12 yers old )
C)The Alumni member family person want to join a Fellowship Rs.300.
7.* The Entry Of the Celebration will be entitled only by the online Registration and Payment.*