When I was asked to pen my success story, I immediately thought and felt good because it made me think on the road I had walked also on the distance to reach in my exciting career. I realized that my success story was not just mine it is for the institution as well. There are lot of students like me, who continue to pass out and bring many success stories to the institution and great professsionals to the hotel industry. Raising from a rural backround and now competing with all other urban talents, that is where Shevaroys played a crucial role in my career development. I am from a village in Namakkal district, the poultry town. At the age of 21, with confidence level of a teenager, I approached Shevaroys for higher studies after completing graduation in commerce and servicing 3 different companies in one year as a sales executive. Difficulties and inferiority complex to some extent made me to think about higher studies. I did not choose sales as my career but it came in my way and raised so many questions about my abilities and capabalities. I felt very low but challenged myself that I will surely succeed in sales. At the same time Shevaroys launched a MBA programme and immediately I applied and got through the admission. A small conversation which I had with the Principal, Mr. Rajesan Prakasam at the time application is unforgettable. The campus and its greenary and the weather, all are still very fresh in my mind. The calm and refreshing atmosphere will definitely make one to think, be innovative and perceive his education with greater enthusiasm. Shevaroys not only offered me education but opened the heavenly doors of hospitality industry. Shevaroys helped me to get into The Residency Towers, a leading 4 star hotel in chennai, through campus interview to do my IET- Industrial exposure training for a period 3 months. That was my first ever star hotel visit through the back gate and from there on the journey started. Shevaroys students are always respected for their dedication and sincerity and I received the same treatment. The 3 month training in sales department taught me every thing right from Grooming to Selling skills. Being a Tamil medium student I was unable to meet up the industry standards and understood that to be where I wanted I need to develop my communication skill and it all happened at Shevaroys campus. Lot of leading hotels visit Shevaroys for campus interviews and that is one of the strong reason why students choose Shevaroys for their hospitality education. Finally I attended the job interviews with great confidence and guidance from the faculties and I was chosen by The Residency Towers again to start my career with them as a IHT ( In house trainee ) in Sales department. Every day was an oppourtunity to learn and I measured the improvements very regularly. 2 promotions in one year and I was promoted as Sales Executive. Then I moved to Lemon Tree hotels as an Assistant Manager -Sales. I learnt the selling process inch by inch, explored the market and understood the aspects of business. Working for a hotel is always a great feel and the knowledge one can gain is enormous. This is a place where human deals with human and serve the guests with passion and true professionalism. Giving them the taste of warmth and making them comfortable, its so people oriented with more personal touch and unlike the any other industry its very pleasant. Hotel is a place for high job satisfaction. Sales made my career even more interesting , meeting different people with various requirements. Hot sun, delayed appointments, great deals, lost businesses, feedbacks, compliments, complaints, targets, budgets, strategies, competition, a perfect package for self development. I am still running my show based on the confidence and awareness I gained from Shevaroys days. A journey with lot of struggles and experiences. Hospitality market is expanding very fast and it opens door for many hotel management graduates. My sincere thanks always to Shevaroys for given me an wonderful oppourtunity to step into this ever green hospitality industry. I wish all the Shevaroys students a wonderful career ahead.